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Assam University Silchar announces Arts stream even semester results

In a significant development, Assam University Silchar has released the results of the Even semester examinations for the Arts stream. This announcement comes amidst recent controversies surrounding the university’s administration, including unauthorized access to result information before the official declaration.

Controller of Examinations, Assam University Silchar, Suprabir Dutta Roy, conveyed this information through a media statement on September 4, 2023. The university has disclosed the outcomes for the Arts Stream TDC Even Semesters.

Here are the pass percentages and statistics for the 2nd, 4th, and 6th semesters:

2nd Semester: Out of 17,396 candidates who appeared, 3,284 have successfully passed, achieving a pass percentage of approximately 18.86%.

4th Semester: Among the 14,387 examinees, 4,185 have secured passing grades, resulting in a pass percentage of around 29.10%.

6th Semester: Out of 10,020 students who participated, an impressive 4,719 have triumphed, attaining a pass percentage of about 47.13%.

It’s worth noting that while 10,020 candidates took part in the sixth-semester examinations, only 2,424 students have cleared all semesters and are set to receive their degrees. The remaining individuals who passed the final semesters are burdened with backlogs from earlier semesters, requiring them to reappear and clear these courses to obtain their degrees.

Assam University Silchar’s move to release the results provides a glimmer of hope for students amid recent controversies, allowing them to progress toward their academic goals with renewed determination.

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