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Assam University Students' Union sits in protest; Demands VC's resignation, withdrawal of Milon Das' rustication

As expected protests erupted in Assam University Silchar against the authority’s decision to rusticate research scholar Milon Das. On February 8, 2020, registrar in-charge signed an order which stated that Milon Das is being suspended for a period of two years. The authority took the decision on the basis of seven different charges put against him. 

The Students’ Union spokesperson informed that they have three demands and if they are not met they will continue with their protest. About 100 students sat in front of the main entrance gate of Assam University Silchar. Their demands are:

1. The authority must immediately revoke the rustication order notified against Milon Das.

2. The authority must withdraw the FIR lodged against Milon Das.

3. The vice-chancellor of the varsity, professor DC Nath must immediately resign.

The spokesperson said, “It is in the tenure of this VC Assam University Silchar slipped down in ranking. It is in his tenure the female students were sexually harassed in the University premises and none of them got justice. We don’t think he must, therefore, continue as the VC and thus we are demanding his resignation.”

There were examinations scheduled to take place in the University today and the protesting members of the Students’ Union decided that they will not interrupt the examination procedure. The students and invigilators were not stopped from entering the campus through the main gate.

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