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Assam University website publishes dubious 1st Sem routine: Exam to begin from March 5, students wonder how

As the article is being written, students of CBCS TDC (Three Year Degree Course) First Semester under Assam University are facing a hard time today as soon as they logged into their University accounts. As per sources, a few first semester students logged into their university accounts and saw that an examination schedule was uploaded on it. According to the said routine, the First Semester Degree Examination of Assam University is scheduled to start from 5 March.

Not only the examination starts in a very short notice of time (just 3 days from now) but it also contradicts the earlier notification of degree exams scheduled to begin from 9 March. Students are questioning how any examination on this earth can be preponed and scheduled early after the exams were supposed to start from 9 March as per the previous routine.

As we had our eyes on the routine, it became more crazy and hilarious at the same time. The first semester exams of three subjects – Mechanics, Mathematical Physics and Differential Calculus not only fall on the same date 5 March but they also commence on the same time i.e. 11 am. Yes you read that right and we are not at all joking!

We talked to a College Professor and he informed us that he is not aware of any new change in exam dates. After the first exam routine was published on the website on 25th February, the dates clashed with upcoming assembly elections and the University is scheduled to hold a meeting tomorrow i.e. 3 March for new exam dates and make changes to it.

The inauthentic first semester routine published by Assam University today evening on their website raises many serious questions as to how official information is disseminated by the University to students and who are in charge of it. Questions are also raised if it is a mischief done by a few officials deputed in the IT section of the University or whether there was a technical glitch which led to first semester students having a mental breakdown.

A first semester student on condition of anonymity told us “The University Authority is playing with our future and they think conducting exams or scheduling exam dates is a child’s game. When they published the first exam routine on 25 February we got only 12 days for preparing ourselves as the exams were scheduled to begin from 9 March. Subsequently, the exam dates clashed with elections and they told us that they would inform about the changed schedule after conducting a meeting on 3 March. Suddenly as I checked my university account today, they gave a schedule which says the exam will start from 5 March, that shocked and broke me mentally. How on earth can an exam start before the scheduled date and why are they not informing us anything? Whether it is a technical glitch or not, I seriously ask what is wrong with Assam University and why are they so arrogant? If they have an iota of shame then they should take all the responsibility for this whole mess they have created and issue a clarification that the dates published today were a mistake or technical glitch.”

At the time of writing this article, no official clarification was published from the University’s end about the dubious routine published by them on their website today evening.

Only recently, the students of TDC odd semesters held a demonstration infront of Assam University gate for conducting undergraduate degree exams in both online and offline mode owing to covid pandemic. The University authority assured them that they would look into their grievances and hold a meeting on 3r March and inform them about their decision positively by 4 March to all the agitating students. With this new publication of a dubious first semester routine, it is normal to presume that the degree students have got more irked with the ‘mysterious’ nature of Assam University.

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