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Assembly elections in Assam in 3 phases: Polling on March 27, April 1 and 6, result on May 2

The Election Commission of India, today morning, had announced that it will host a press conference at 4:30 pm and declare the polling dates in  Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and the Union Territory of Puducherry.

As planned, the Chief Election Commissioner of India, Sunil Arora held a Press Conference and declared the dates of the Assembly elections. But before that, he paid a tribute to the frontline warriors including the officials on election duties. He emphasised how the ECI worked during the pandemic and termed the Bihar elections as the watershed moment. “It was out litmus test,” he added. Arora lauded the efforts of the officer who worked tirelessly to ensure safe and healthy elections.

Arora asserted that the commission always takes into account the festivals in zones that are up for election. “We have taken into consideration Bihu, Bishu, Ramadan and all other festivals while finalising the date of the polls,” he said.

In Assam, the polling will be conducted in 3 phases. In the first phase 47 constituencies will go for polling on, March 27, 2021. Will be followed by the second phase on April 1, 2021. The third phase, 40 constituencies will go for poll on April 6. The counting will begin on May 2.

The last final electoral roll was published on February 14 this year, according to which there were 2,23,63,502 electors in Assam. This includes 113,94,972 and 1,09,68,530 male and female voters, respectively. A total of 76,020 new voters have been included in the draft electoral roll since then.

The elections to Assam Assembly of 2016 was held in two phases, on 4 and 11 April 2016, to elect members of the 126 constituencies in Assam. The overall voter turnout was 84.72%, which set a new record for Assam. The turnout was an increase from the 2011 Assembly election figure of 75%.

In 2016, the NDA led by BJP toppled the Tarun Gogoi’s UPA. The NDA had won 86 seats while the Congress was reduced to 26. Badaruddin Azmal’s AIUDF had won 13 seats.

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