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Babul Hore attends Udharbond Sports' Association's GM, sparks controversy; secretary says, "No one asked"

By attending the biennial general meeting of the Udharbond Sports Association (USA), Babul Hore, President of the Silchar District Sports Association (DSA) has sparked further controversy. However, Bijendra Prasad Singh, Secretary of the Silchar District Sports Association (DSA), did not know anything about the president’s visit to the USA. The current committee of the USA called their general meeting on Thursday, which is already being under controversy as of now.

The current committee of the USA invited the secretary and president of the Silchar District Sports Association to attend the meeting. Similarly, those who have been involved in the process of rebuilding the USA have also invited the President and Secretary of Silchar DSA to attend their general meeting. Their general meeting is scheduled to be held on August 1. Among them, DSA President Babul Hore appeared at the current committee meeting of the USA on Thursday. He was also accompanied by one of the Vice-presidents Sujan Dutta. When asked about this, Secretary Bijendra Prasad Singh made it clear that no one from the association had asked him to attend the meeting of the USA on Thursday.

The Secretary of the Silchar District Sports Association said, “Look, no one from our side has been asked to attend the USA meeting. Why should I even say that to any member of the association?” Not stopping here, Bijendra Prasad Singh added, “Since two sides have come up in the USA, we should not go to a meeting of either side. This is what one of the Vice-presidents (administration) of the organization, Dr. Siddhartha Bhattacharjee, suggested to me. Accordingly, I did not ask anyone to attend any meetings. Nor anyone has asked me anything about it. Even then, if anyone has attended, I’m not aware of it. The association is not aware of it either. Because, as the Secretary of the Association, I did not ask anyone.”

When asked about this, President Babul Hore said, “They invited me personally. So I went there. Of course, I can go there. Besides, I went after their meeting was already over.” The question naturally arises here that when a controversy is going on in the USA, where two sides have come up, can Babul Hore as the President of Silchar District Sports Association go to such a controversial meeting only based on a personal invitation? That too without informing the secretary of the association?

Remember Silchar district sports body is secretary-centric and not President centric. The President of the association Babul Hore himself claims this publicly. If this is really the case, then why did he go to the controversial meeting today without informing the secretary? When the association did not allow anyone, how could he attend on a personal invitation? He was invited as the President of the association. However, according to a source, a few days ago, when the DSA Secretary called the two parties and planned to resolve the issue, President Babul avoided the issue by saying, “It would not be right to be in this debate.” As a guardian, he did not take any initiative to resolve this controversial issue. So why did he attend that controversial meeting today?

So does President Babul Hore want to run the Silchar DSA on his own terms? The issue is that he has not taken any initiative so far as the President, then why did he suddenly appear in the meeting today? The cracks in the Silchar DSA have become quite clear in today’s incident. But the issue of politics is not going to be blown away anytime soon. One member of the current USA committee (who is also one of the branch secretaries of the DSA) is a Congressman. Did Congressman Babul Hore appear at today’s meeting to offer his support? So has the issue now become Congress vs BJP?

Another issue is that, does Babul Hore intent to recognize this committee since he attended the current committee meeting of the USA? When the two sides came up in contention for the USA, it was up to the Silchar District Sports Association to decide.‌ Even if one wants to send someone as an observer to a bilateral meeting, the association should get to decide. So why did Babul Babu leave the entire DSA committee in the dark and attend the US meeting to recognize them? When the secretary of the organization has made it clear that no one from the DSA has been sent, how can the president be present at that meeting?

One more thing that has become clear in today’s incident is Silchar DSA’s lobbying surrounding this controversy. Now it remains to be seen which direction the situation will take in the coming days.

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