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Bajrang Dal members protest against Shambhu Kairi's killing infront of Silchar DC Office

Bajrang Dal members are protesting against Shambhu Kairi’s killing in the entire nation. A memorandum was sent to the President by the protesting Bajrangis in Silchar demanding action against Jihadi activities in Barak Valley.

Bajrang Dal member Shambhu Kairi from Karimganj’s Lowairpoa was brutally killed by a youth named Selim Uddin. Meanwhile, the killer youth has been arrested by police although Bajrang Dal members are demanding the execution of the killer. A protest has been organised by Bajrang Dal on Wednesday demanding a proper investigation into Shambhu Kairi’s killing along with execution of the killers and other demands.

The protesters submitted a memorandum addressed to the President of India. The protesters gathered infront of Silchar DC Office and gave various slogans demanding the hanging of Selim Uddin as well as giving monetary compensation to Shambhu Kairi’s family. Members of Silchar Bajrang Dal also mentioned about the increasing Jihadi activities in Barak Valley in their memorandum and urged the administration to take appropriate action against it.

Speaking to reporters, a member of Bajrang Dal said, “Today our members from all over India are submitting a memorandum addressed to the President regarding Shambhu Kairi’s killing. The present condition of Barak Valley is a matter of concern because murders are talking place regularly. Few days back an incident happened in Udharbond, now in Lowairpoa and no one knows what will happen in future. That is why to tackle this situation we have urged the honourable President of India to look after Barak Valley because Barak Valley is in danger as Jihadi activities are taking place one after another. We urge our sanatani Hindu brothers to observe Jihadi activities and also keep an eye on their mothers and sisters. Few days back we saw that two minor Hindu girls were about to become victims of Love Jihad by boys from Bangalore and Mumbai. We caught them at Silchar Airport. One of the girls was aged 13 years and the other was aged 15 years. Also, Jihadis are grabbing land in various places of Barak Valley. We demand a monetary compensation of 50 lakhs for Shambhu Kairi’s family as well as a government job for one of the family members as per eligibility.”

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