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Bangladeshi go back slogan raised in Silchar; protester slits wrist to write "No CAB" with blood

Around 100 people gathered in front of Khudiram Bose’s statue in Silchar at around 12:00 noon. They assembled there to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, which got passed in both the Houses of Parliament. Slogans like “Bangladeshi Go Back,” were raised by the gathering.


Police reached the spot immediately to ensure there is no breach of law and order. The protesters indulged in a scuffle with the security personnel. One of the protesters went on to slit his wrist to write “No CAB” with his blood on a paper.


Nazia Yasmin Mazumder, who contested the Lok Sabha election in 2019 from the National People’s Party was spotted protesting against the bill with the gathering. “I don’t want to associate myself with the National People’s Party anymore. I joined them because they were opposing CAB. Now that they have voted in favour of the bill, I separate myself from the party. I am protesting here as a normal citizen of India who is against the bill,” said Nazia while speaking with Barak Bulletin.


The protesters too said that they do not belong to any particular political party or association. “We proposed a protest on Facebook and on the basis of that we have assembled here. We do not belong to any political party nor are we protesting against under the banner of any association.”


The agitation in front of Khudiram Bose’s statue went on for about an hour.


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