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CAA: Rajdeep Roy slams Congress; challenges Sushmita for a debate

In an attempt to allay fears and misinformation over the newly enforced Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019, Cachar unit of BJP on Monday conducted a public rally here at Narshingtola Ground to reach out to the masses.

The public meeting was attended by Former MP and Central Minister Kabindra Purkayastha, his son and BJP leader Kanad Purakayastha, Silchar MP Rajdeep Roy along with other leaders.

A total of 5 people spoke in the rally out of which Silchar MP Rajdeep Roy’s speech was the longest one. In his close to 40 minutes speech, Rajdeep Roy firstly thanked the central BJP leadership for bringing and passing the Citizenship Act, despite facing several hardships.

Speaking on history and need of the Act, Rajdeep Roy said that no one can deny the facts that India was divided on basis of religion which presently necessitated the bill. “When Sylhet Referendum happened, people were asked to vote in favour or against of it but the then Congress and its nasty politics prevented people, especially the Surma Valley Tea Tribe, to vote as a result of which we lost the election. The sufferings of the partition and the pain suffered by the people is unforgettable” Roy said.

Calling Bengalis the original inhabitant of the valley, Roy asked everyone to go and visit the cellular jail, “It gives me goosebumps to see images of 17, 20 years old youths, who were hanged in Andaman. Did they sacrifice life to see this partition?” Roy asked.

Sharing some statistics, Roy slammed all those who claim minorities are not safe in India. “In 1947 there were 23% minorities in Pakistan, and now present day it has dropped to 1.4%. In Bangladesh, percentage of minorities were 29.3% in 1947 which dropped to 8.25% in 2011. Whereas in India, Muslim population grown from 14.6% to 18% in this period. But some leaders are very fond of visitng to Jamai Milia Islamia and JNU to say that minorities are not safe in India” said MP Rajdeep Roy.

Slamming the Congress party and some of its Barak leaders, Roy said that the party ruled India for 56 years but only gave false promises to the people.

“BJP promising for citizenship to the refugees and scraping of Art 370 since foundation of the party but we could not due to lack of strength in the parliament. Now when we have achieved our sayings and what Congress could not do in last 56 years, they are running to hide their face.”

Challenging Sushmita Dev for a debate, MP Rajdeep Roy said that he has read the Citizenship bill many time but could not find a single clause saying the citizenship of Indian minorities will be revoked with it.

“I challenge her to come and debate in public that where are such things written and if she could not show, we will advice her to go back to take admission in class 10 and then come again to read the bill,” Roy challenged.

Rajdeep Roy concluded his speech asking bill supports to give a miss call at the number released by BJP and register their vote.

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