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Bike-Cruiser Head-on Collision in Jirighat, Two Youths Severely Injured

Two youths were severely wounded and injured in a collision between a bike and a Cruiser SUV on National Highway No. 37 near the Lalpani Petrol Pump in the Jirighat area on Monday evening. The incident, which occurred around 5 PM, has left the local community in shock and has prompted calls for increased road safety measures.

The collision took place in the Jirighat police station area, involving a bike and a cruiser vehicle. The injured youths, identified as Ajmal Hussain (20) and Mohib Uddin (21), were immediately transported to Silchar Medical College Hospital for treatment. According to reports, Ajmal Hussain, the son of Riazul Haque from Lalpani village, is in critical condition. Mohib Uddin, the son of Meher Uddin from Jiribam, Sonapur, also sustained serious injuries.

Eyewitnesses reported that the two youths were on their way to Jirighat when their bike collided with a Cruiser vehicle heading from Jirighat. The impact of the collision was so severe that the bike was completely twisted, and both youths were knocked down on the spot. Due to the impact and friction, the bike caught fire shortly after skidding on the road.

One eyewitness recounted the chaotic scene saying, “One of the youths was rendered senseless by the accident. Locals rushed to help and quickly called for an ambulance to take the injured to the hospital.” The quick actions of local residents and eyewitnesses were crucial in providing immediate assistance to the injured youths. Their timely intervention ensured that the victims were swiftly transported to the hospital, potentially saving their lives.

This accident has underscored the need for improved road safety measures on National Highways of the state. Residents are calling for stricter traffic regulations and better enforcement to prevent such tragic incidents from occurring in the future.

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