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BJP leader’s son creates ruckus with rod and gun in Hailakandi; CRPF, Police on the spot

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah, time and again asked the party cadres to stay humble despite the huge victory. The Prime Minister went on to say that the MP-elects must ensure inclusiveness and work for everyone including those who did not vote for the party. While these messages were appreciated by the critics and experts, it does not look like it has done much at the grassroots level.

Today, morning Hailakandi BJP’s joint secretary Radheshyam Koiri’s son Satyajit Koiri was caught red-handed by Police. Satrajit Koiri was carrying a gun and a rod and creating a ruckus in Hailakandi’s Gaglacherra area.

According to the tea garden workers of Gaglacherra area, they are not getting their wages and ration for the last three weeks. Today they had gathered in large numbers demanding for their wages and ration. They went to Bagan Panchayat, BJP’s Radheshyam Koiri, manager of the tea estate and a meeting was called. During the meeting, a labourer in the estate Saraju Nunia got into an argument with Radheshyam Koiri. Koiri got irked and called his son Satyajit to complain about Saraju’s behaviour. Within a few minutes, Satyajit carrying a gun and rod reached the spot and started beating Saraju Nunia.

Stunned by Satyajit Koiri’s behaviour tea garden employees started protesting. Police and CRPF officials reached the spot immediately and brought the situation under control. Saraju Nunia has been taken to a nearby hospital while Satyajit Koiri sat on a Police van and headed towards Lala Police station. The locals continued their protest demanding for wages and ration. They also want justice for Saraju Nunia and action against BJP leader Radheshyam Koiri.

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