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Borkhola local resident rescues abandoned newborn girl, police probe begins

In a heartwarming act of kindness and prompt response, a newborn baby girl was rescued from a precarious situation in the early hours of the morning by local resident Mostafa Kamal Barbhuiya. The incident, which took place in Buribail, sparked concern among the community, leading to quick action to ensure the safety and well-being of the infant.

At approximately 5 am, several individuals were alerted to the distressing sight of an abandoned child crying on the veranda of a local shop. Barbhuiya, upon receiving a call from his neighbour about the abandoned child wasted no time in rushing to the scene. He carefully unwrapped the baby, confirming that she was indeed alive and in need of immediate care.

Without hesitation, he swiftly brought the infant back to his home, where he and his wife administered essential first aid and provided nourishment. Recognising the gravity of the situation, he promptly contacted the authorities, reporting the incident to the Bhangarpar Police Outpost.

Upon receiving the distress call, the police swiftly responded and conducted a thorough on-site inquiry. The officers demonstrated commendable professionalism and empathy while assessing the circumstances surrounding the baby’s abandonment. After assessing the immediate needs of the child, the decision was made to transfer her to Sonapur Hospital for a comprehensive medical checkup.

Speaking to reporters, Barbhuiya said “My uncle (neighbour) called me at 5 am and informed me about the abandoned child wrapped in cloth. I went to the spot and carefully removed the cloth, and to our relief, the baby was alive. We immediately took her to our home, where my wife and I provided initial care and nourishment.”

He added “Subsequently, I accompanied my friend to the Bhangarpar Police Outpost, and the police responded swiftly, conducting an on-site inquiry. We will now go to Sonapur Hospital for a thorough medical examination of the baby.”

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