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Breaking: Alliance Airlines offloads Koiborto Parishad leader Sujit Das Choudhury for "disruption" in-flight at Kumbhirgram

In an incident that unfolded this afternoon, Alliance Airlines took a decisive action to offload Sujit Das Choudhury, the leader of Koiborto Unnayan Parishad, along with 10 of his associates, following a disruptive altercation with cabin crew members during a flight from Silchar to Kolkata.

The incident occurred as the flight was taxing and preparing for takeoff from Silchar, when Choudhury persisted on using his smartphone, despite repeated warnings from the cabin crew to switch the device to airplane mode as per aviation regulations.

Ignoring the instructions, Choudhury engaged in a heated argument with the cabin crew, which soon escalated as his fellow travelers joined in, leading to a significant disturbance on board. As the aircraft was accelerating for takeoff, the Captain made the decision to decelerate, prioritising the safety and security of all passengers and crew.

Upon receiving reports of the escalating situation, the Captain intervened and, based on the severity of the disruption, deemed Sujit Das Choudhury a disruptive passenger. Consequently, he ordered Choudhury to be offloaded from the flight with the assistance of security personnel.

The 10 other individuals traveling with Choudhury expressed their solidarity by protesting the decision, stating they would not continue the flight if Choudhury was deboarded. Ultimately, in accordance with the airline’s policy on passenger behavior, all 11 individuals were asked to disembark from the aircraft.

An airport official, speaking to Barak Bulletin, provided insight into the incident, stating, “Sujit Das Choudhury was asked to switch off his phone, but he kept talking. Then he claimed he was speaking with his son. However, the Cabin Crew were following established aviation regulations. His disruptive behavior led to the decision to offload him from the flight.”

It is worth mentioning here that Sujit Das Choudhury’s name surfaced as one of the potential MPs of Silchar as the constituency has been reserved for SC candidates. In fact, he himself mentioned that the next MP of Silchar will surface from the house of a Koiborto resident of Silchar.

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