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BJP wins six seats in Barak Valley, AIUDF wins five, Congress bags four

Live Election Update: Barak Bulletin’s Verdict 2021 presented by Fenesta India’s No 1 Doors & Windows Brand by DCM Shriram

8:00 PM Election Result

Barkhola -Congress

At 6:45 Barak Bulletin can call that Khalil Ahmed Mazumdar has won the Katigorah seat for Congress against BJP’s heavyweight candidate, Gautam Roy.

5:15 PM Update

Borkhola After 12 rounds, Amalendu Das of BJP trailing with 36,776 votes as Misbahul Islam Laskar leads with 54,008 votes.

In Dholai, after 11 rounds, Congress’ Kamakhya Prasad Mala trailing with 38,404 votes as with 46,960 Parimal Suklabaidya continues to lead.

After 12 rounds in Sonai, Aminul Haque Laskar of BJP is trailing with 35,889 votes against AIUDF’s Karimuddin Barbhuiya with 45,188 votes. Idependent candidate Ashish Haldar has got 10,344 votes so far.

After 13 rounds in Katigorah Khalil Uddin Mazumdar with 51,719 is now trailing against BJP’s Gautam Roy with 56,291 votes.

After 14 rounds of counting in Udharbond, Ajit Singh has lost his lead with 49,330 votes as Mihir Kanti Shome is ahead with 49,686 votes.

4:45 PM Update

After 13 rounds in Udharbond, Congress’ Ajit Singh with 45969 votes leading against Mihir Kanti Shome with 45,789

After eight rounds of counting, Kaushik Rai takes lead with 22,810 votes against 21,885 votes of Mukesh Pandey. Thoiba Singha has got 10,466 votes

AIUDF’s Karim Uddin Barbhuiya is leading with 38,499 votes followed by Aminul Haque Laskar who has got 29,718 votes so far after 10 rounds of counting. Ashish Haldar has got 9047 votes.

After 10 rounds, Congress’ Khalil Ahmed Mazumdar is ahead by 410 votes. He is leading with 42,361 while BJP’s Gautam Roy has got 41,951

4:00 PM Update

After 10 rounds in Katigora, Gautam Roy is trailing. Khalil Ahmed Barbhuiya takes lead with 42,361 votes against Gautam Roy with 41,951 votes.

After 12 rounds in Udharbond Ajit Singh leading with 43,345 votes followed by BJP’s Mihir Kanti Shome with 40,861

3:15 PM Update

After 10 rounds, in Silchar Dipayan Chakraborty has extended his lead with 45,056 votes, followed by Congress’ Tamal Kanti Banik who has got 22,397 votes. Dilip Paul has only managed 4621 votes.

After six rounds in Lakhipur, Kaushik Rai has got 13,566 votes while Congress’ Mukesh Pandey continue to lead with 19,733 votes.

In Katigora, after eight rounds Gautam Roy is leading with 35,437 votes Congress’ Khalil Ahmed Mazumdar is catching up with 31,571 votes

In Borkhola constituency, after six rounds Mibahul Islam Laskar of Congress is leading with 35,561 votes followed by BJP’s Amalendu Das with 18,673 votes.

In Sonai constituency, after eight rounds, BJP’s Aminul Haque Laskar is still leading with 26,951 votes while AIUDF’s  Karim Uddin Barbhuiya with 25,784 is catching up. Independent candidate Ashish Haldar has got 9,008 votes.

In Dholai, after nine rounds Congress’s Kamakhya Prasad Mala is still trailing with 29,664 votes, BJP’s Parimal Suklabaidya is inching towards victory 39,464

In Udharbond after nine rounds, Congress’s Ajit Singh with 37,077 votes is back leading and BJP’s Mihir Kanti Shome is trialing with 33,018 votes

2:45 pm Update

After eight rounds, in Udharbond, Congress candidate Ajit Singh back to leading with 29,237 votes ahead of BJP’s Mihir Kanti Shome who has got 26,705 votes so far.

After seven rounds of counting in Dholai, BJP’s Parimal Suklabaidya is leading with 37,093 votes ahead of Kamakhya Prasad Mala with 16,322 votes.

After fifth round, Congress’ Mukesh Pandey is leading with 18,115 votes ahead of BJP’s Cachar district president and star candidate Kaushik Rai 8,829. Independent candidate, Thoiba Singh has got 8,148 votes.

2:15 PM Update 

After five rounds of counting, Dipayan Chakraborty of BJP has extended his lead in Silchar with 20,917 votes followed by Tamal Kanti Banik with 12,754 votes. Independent candidate Dilip Kumar Paul has got 2,789 votes.

Breaking news: After sixth round of counting in Dholai, Parimal Suklabaidya is leading with a huge margin. He has fetched 31,455 votes in his favour followed by Kamakhya Prasad Mala of Congress with 14,813 votes.

In Udharbond constituency, Ajit Singh was leading but now that has changed. Mihir Kanti Shome with 14,186 votes in leading. Ajit Singh is now trailing with 13,756 votes.

After five rounds of counting, Aminul Haque Laskar is leading with 18,268 votes, followed by Karimuddin Barbhuiya 13,308, Independent Candidate,  Ashish Haldar has got 7,152 votes so far.

After four rounds Kaushik Rai is trailing with 7248 votes. Congress’ Mukesh Pandey is leading the race with 14,104 votes while Thoiba Singh has got 6,179

After fifth round in Katigora, BJP’s Gautam Roy is leading with 20,360 followed by Congress’ Khalil Ahmed Mazumdar who has got 12,602 votes.

1:30 pm Update

Sonai after fifth round, BJP 17,663 leading AIUDF 13,564 followed by independent Ashish Haldar 7,011

Katigorah after fourth round as announced by the election commission member at media centre in NATRiP, BJP’s Gautam Roy leading with 20,496 followed by Congress’ Khalil Ahmed Mazumdar who fetched 12,432.

In Lakhipur constituency, after three rounds BJP’s Kaushik Rai is trailing with 4,910 votes. Congress’ Mukesh Pandey leading with 12,544. Independent Candidate Thoiba Singh has fetched 3462 votes so far.

12:15 pm Update

It is a roller coaster ride in Udharbond, BJP’s Mihir Kanti Shome takes lead again with 14,186 votes followed by Congress’ Ajit Singh who has so far fetched 13,756 votes in his favour

In Silchar after three rounds, Congress’ Tamal Kanti Banik is no longer leading with 9,423 votes as BJP’s Dipayan Chakraborty surpassed with 10,164 votes

In Sonai after third round BJP’s Aminul Haque Laskar continues to lead with 13,928 followed by Independent candidate Ashish Haldar with 6,133. AIUDF’s Karim Uddin Barbhuiya, has fetched 3130

Dholai after third round, BJP’s Parimal Suklabaidya with 14,654 votes is leading followed by Congress’s Kamakhya Prasad Mala 6,910

Lakhipur, Congress’ Mukesh Pandey 6,296 followed by Kaushik Rai 6,213. Independent candidate Thoiba Singh 842

In Borkhola after third round Congress’s Misbahul Islam Laskar leading with 13,469 votes followed by BJP’s Amalendu Das 9,024

In Katigorah, BJP’s Gautam Roy extends his lead with 14,754 votes followed by Congress’s Khalil Uddin Mazumdar who has got 9,741 votes.

11:45 AM Update

Big Breaking from Katigorah, Gautam Roy takes lead with 9596 votes while Khalil Uddin Mazumdar is trailing for the first time with 6439. It has been officially confirmed that two rounds of counting is complete for Katigorah constituency.

After completion of third round of counting, Aminul Haque Laskar is leading in Sonai with 13,954 votes followed by Ashish Haldar 6,133. AIUDF’s Karim Uddin Barbhuiya has got 3120 votes in his favour.

In Udharbond constituency after third round Congress’ Ajit Singh leading with 12,086 votes followed by BJP’s Mihir Kanti Shome with 9197 votes.

11:15 AM Update 

In Bokhola Constituency Misbahul Islam Laskar leading with 7909 votes followed by Amalendu Das of BJP who fetched 7133 votes so far.

In Dholai constituency BJP’s Parimal Suklabaidya leading with 5554 votes followed by Congress’ Kamakhya Prasad Mala 2259 votes.

11:00 AM Update:

Aminul Haque Laskar takes lead in Sonai with 4,167 votes followed by Ashish Haldar 2936. AIUDF’s Karim Uddin Barbhuiya 672.

Tamal Kanti Banik extends his lead with 5254 votes followed by Dipayan Chakraborty with 2270 votes.

Borkhola BJP’s Amalendu Das 3701 followed by Misbahul Islam 3464

Katigorah Congress’ Khalil Uddin Mazumdar 4973 and BJP’s Gautam Roy 3051

Lakhipur BJP’s Kaushik Rai 1410 followed by Mukesh Pandey 3815

Udharbond Ajit Singh of Congress 5904 followed by BJP’s Mihir Kanti Shome 8418

10:00 Update Breaking News 

Ashish Haldar leading in Sonai.

In the first round of counting in Sonai constituency Ashish Haldar is leading with 2936 votes followed by BJP’s Aminul Haque Laskar with 2159 votes. AIUDF’s Karim Uddin Barbhuiya is trailing them with 672 votes.

In Cachar District BJP’s Dipayan Chakraborty is trailing with 1174 votes against Tamal Kanti Banik of Congress who got 3357 votes in his favour. Dilip Paul 108 votes.

Udharbond BJP’s Mihir Kanti Shome ahead with 5099 followed by Congress with 1596

Dholai BJP’s Parimal Suklabaidya is leading with 4554 votes followed by Congress’s 2259

Katigorah’s Congress’ Khalil Uddin Mazumdar is leading with 4977 votes. Gautam Roy is trailing with 2544 votes

Lakhipur BJP’s Kaushik Rai is trailing with 1348 votes Congress’ Mukesh Pandey is leading with 3935

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