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Breaking: BJP Candidate Parimal Suklabaidya Breaks Records in Silchar Lok Sabha Election

Silchar is witnessing a historic moment as BJP candidate Parimal Suklabaidya has shattered all previous voting records in the ongoing general election 2024. With an astounding 5,12,973 votes (4:00 PM) secured so far, Suklabaidya has surpassed the previous record set by Dr. Rajdeep Roy in 2019, who won with 4,99,414 votes.

The people of Silchar are eagerly awaiting the final results to determine their next representative in parliament. The main contest in the Silchar Lok Sabha constituency is between Parimal Suklabaidya from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Surya Kanta Sarkar from the Indian National Congress (INC).

As of now, Parimal Suklabaidya has secured 5,12,973 votes, while INC’s Surya Kanta Sarkar has received 2,67,519 votes. Additionally, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) candidate Radheshyam Biswas has garnered 14,125 votes.

This significant lead places Parimal Suklabaidya in a strong position to become the next MP of Silchar. His impressive vote count has broken all previous records in the history of Silchar’s Lok Sabha elections. The last record was set in 2019 by BJP’s Dr. Rajdeep Roy, who secured 4,99,414 votes. Prior to that, in the 2014 elections, INC candidate Sushmita Dev secured 3,36,451 votes.

Parimal Suklabaidya’s political journey has been marked by his tenure as the MLA of Dholai constituency, where he has been serving for several years. Since 2016, he has held various ministerial positions in the Assam government, including Minister of Fisheries, Excise, Public Works Department, Environment and Forests, and Transportation.

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