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Breaking News: 1 Rohingya detained in Silchar; confessed she is from Myanmar 

Cachar Police’s riding squad while on patrolling duty stopped a White Wagoon R car near Tarapur. The vehicle’s number plate read TR 02 K 0216. When the squad stopped the car, a man opened the door and ran away. The Police official sensed there is something wrong and started to dig deep into it.

The police officials asked the driver where he was headed to and the driver replied they are traveling to Tripura. When the police officials asked the woman about her identity she did not reply.

As it turned out, the woman in the car happened to be a Rohingya who entered India illegally through Bangladesh. The riding squad detained her along with the driver, seized the car and handed over to Tarapur Police.

There, she confessed that her name is Ruze Akhtar and she is daughter of Javed. She said was temporarily located at the Cox bazar Rohingya camp at Bangladesh and her permanent address is VIIl- Sangama, P/S Tam bazar , Dist-Bushidaung (Myanmar) .

Police also interrogated the Wagon R driver Akmal Hussain (32 years), s/o Kamal Khan, a resident of Kailasohor, VIll-Kalerkandi. Hussain said that this duo hired his cab for Dharmanagar.

The police is investigating the matter.

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