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BREAKING NEWS: Massive Drug Bust on NH 37 by Lakhipur Police and 29th Assam Rifles

In a significant joint operation conducted by the Lakhipur Police Station and the 29th Assam Rifles Jaliura, a major drug bust occurred today on NH 37 under the jurisdiction of Lakhipur Police Station, leading to the apprehension of Ramsanga Hmar, a 54-year-old resident of Hmarkhawlien, Cachar.

The operation, carried out at the Fulertol bypass, saw the authorities seize a staggering 30,000 yaba tablets from Ramsanga Hmar’s possession. Yaba, a potent methamphetamine-based narcotic, is known for its dangerous and addictive properties. The value of the confiscated drugs is estimated to be substantial, raising concerns about the extent of the illegal drug trade in the region.

In addition to the drug haul, law enforcement officials also seized a mobile phone and a Honda scooty bearing registration number AS11Z 2797 from the suspect. The exact role of the mobile phone and the scooty in the alleged drug trafficking operation is under investigation.

Numal Mahatta, Superintendent of Police for Cachar, commended the collaborative efforts of the Lakhipur Police and the 29th Assam Rifles in carrying out this successful operation. He stated, “This joint operation underscores our commitment to combat the menace of drug trafficking in our region. The seizure of such a large quantity of yaba tablets is a significant blow to the illegal drug trade network operating in Cachar.”

Legal proceedings against Ramsanga Hmar are now underway, and authorities are determined to uncover any potential links to wider drug distribution networks. This operation sends a clear message that the authorities are actively engaged in curbing the illegal drug trade, aiming to maintain the safety and well-being of the community.

The apprehension of Ramsanga Hmar and the seizure of such a large quantity of yaba tablets serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against narcotics and the dedication of law enforcement agencies in ensuring the security of the region’s residents.

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