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Breaking News: SMCH suspends one Jr. doctor following allegations of assault and racial slurring

Responding to the shocking assault allegations made by Bonrai Rongmai, a Drug Inspector of Silchar, against a group of junior doctors, Silchar Medical College and Hospital has taken immediate action. These developments follow Barak Bulletin’s report yesterday, where Rongmai detailed a brutal assault by a group of doctors while visiting the hospital.

Dr. Bhaskar Gupta, the Principal of Silchar Medical College and Hospital, held a press briefing today to address the issue. He announced the suspension of Dr. Anurag Dey, an intern involved in the incident, for a period of six months. Dr. Gupta also disclosed the formation of a committee to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Critics had raised questions about the suspension of only one doctor when allegations implicated a larger group. Dr. Gupta responded, “Suspension of Anurag Dey for a period of six months is an instant action.” He assured that further actions would be based on the findings of the investigation.

In a distressing twist to the incident, an eyewitness and the victim’s aunt revealed that Rongmai had pleaded for mercy during the attack, but the junior doctors continued to assault him, even using weapons. She shared that they shouted racial slurs like “China China” during the attack. Dr. Gupta promptly condemned racial profiling, stating that the hospital would not tolerate such behavior and take action if something like this has actually happened.

The incident has stirred public outrage, with over a hundred people gathering in front of the hospital’s administrative building, demanding justice for the victim. Various Naga associations have also demanded action against the doctors involved.

Addressing concerns about repeated incidents of doctors assaulting patients’ attendants, Dr. Gupta emphasized that they engage in counseling for junior doctors. He also mentioned that such incidents often start with provocation from attendants, leading to unfortunate outcomes.

The assault allegations have rekindled long-standing concerns about the behavior of medical staff at Silchar Medical College and Hospital. Police officials have been deployed to maintain peace and order within the hospital premises.

Silchar Medical College and Hospital remains under close scrutiny as the investigation unfolds, and the public awaits further developments in this distressing case.

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