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Burglary at Narsimha Temple in Karimganj; Police closes case after arresting 12 involved including mastermind Selim

On April 12, the famous Narsimha Temple in Karimganj’s Baliya area under Nilambazar Police Station was attacked by miscreants. The priest of the temple was manhandled his daughter was harassed. The miscreants vandalised the temple and puja materials were damaged. They had also robbed expensive items like ornaments, the divine goddesses’ weapons among many other things.

Right after the incident was reported, under the supervision of SP Karimganj, Mayank Kumar an operation was launched to nab the culprits. After efforts of more than 15 days, SP Kumar confirmed today that after the arrest of 12 persons and recovery of precious items, the case is officially closed.

Kumar informed five dacoits who were involved in the incident have been arrested by the Police. They used a vehicle to execute the plan and the driver has been nabbed. Apart from them, three conspirators and two receivers of the stolen property have also been arrested. “The mastermind behind this entire activity was Salim whom we traced and arrested from Dimapur,” informed SP Kumar.

The items recovered include one silver Crown, one silver flute, one silver snake, one silver flower, two golden earrings, one silver stick, one Golden Mangalsutra, two silver mukta hand rings, two mobile phones and one tablet, two pairs of golden earrings, one silver chain, one silver payal, one silver bracelet, one crime Vehicle (auto).

The twelve arrested are Mutlib Ali, Helal Uddin, Ataur Rahman, Ali Hussain, mastermind Selim Uddin, Subur Ali, Ainul Haque, Ahad Uddin, Salim Uddin, Mokbubur Rahman also known as Kala, Ranju Roy and Kabil.

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