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CAB: Internet services disconnected in Barak Valley, whole of Assam

From Thursday, internet services have been disconnected in the whole of Assam. As readers would know, yesterday, the Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in the house of Parliament and that has led to a scurry of protests in parts of Assam and north-east states.

A source in the administration said, “We have been told that the internet services in the entire state including Cachar district will be banned for a period of 48 hours starting 12 noon today. As we can see now, Jio has already implemented the restriction and other networks are gradually implementing it.”

The source in the administration informed that the restriction in Internet service will be limited to mobile broadband-only and so V-Sat connections and fiber-to-home broadband will function as usual.

Sources in BSNL Silchar also confirmed that they too have received an order to restrict internet services in entire Assam for a period of 48 hours starting 12 noon today. “It takes time to impose a restriction and so the internet is available now, but it will be disconnected in the whole state within the next few hours,” said the senior official in BSNL.

They added, “Not only internet, but there is a restriction in sending bulk SMS too.”

Not just the internet, railway and air communication, in and out of the state remained disrupted.

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