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Cachar administration removes Nargis Jahan as AP for violating 2 child norm

Cachar District Administration on Thursday, vide an order, removed one Nargis Jahan from the post of Anchalik Panchayat member for violating two child norm of Assam Government.

Nargis Jahan was Anchalik Panchayat member of 125 no. Bhangarpar Gaon Panchayat under 6 no. Salchapra Anchalik Panchayat.

An order issued by office of Cachar Deputy Commissioner (Transformation and Development Branch) on 23rd December, stated that a public grievance was received alleging that Nargis Jahan gave birth to 3rd child on 02-10-19. “Whereas the matter was sent for enquiry to the chief Executive officer, Cachar Zilla Parishad, Cachar… by ADC Cachar and whereas the matter enquired by the Chief Executive officer, Cachar Zilla Parishad and he has submitted his enquiry report… and has found the allegation as mentioned as genuine” said the order.

It further added “Therefore on the perusal of the above fact it is established by the undersigned that additional child birth in respect of the member of Anchalik Panchayat has taken place and accordingly by the power vested with the undersigned by rule 62(1) (g) of Assam Panchayat Rules and as required by section 111(2) of Assam Panchayat Act 1994, I hereby remove Smti Nargis Jahan 125 no. Bhangarpar Gaon Panchayat under 6 no. Salchapra Anchalik Panchayat as AP member”.

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