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Cachar: Inter-state Bike Purchase Scam, Fraud with Unemployed Youth, Flood Helps in Arrest of Fraudsters

In an elaborate scam involving bike purchases, three individuals have been apprehended for defrauding several people. Among those arrested is also an engineer. The police have recovered four bikes in connection with the scam. Despite these arrests, authorities continue to search for other members of the suspected fraud gang.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Jakir Ahmed Laskar (26) from Vidyartanpur, Sahariya Hussain Laskar (21) from Majhirgram, and Shahid Ahmed Barbhuiya (27) from Sonabarighat in Silchar. Sahariya is notably a diploma holder in engineering. The arrests were made on Monday by the in-charge of Rangirkhari Police Outpost, Himakshi Nath, following an ongoing investigation.

According to police sources, Jakir and his accomplices posed as representatives of a company, offering job opportunities to unemployed youths. They specifically targeted financially struggling individuals who did not own bikes. Once the youths expressed interest in the job, they were told that owning a bike was essential for the role. When the candidates revealed they did not own bikes, Jakir and his team offered to help them purchase one through a finance company, covering the down payment themselves. The candidates were expected to repay this amount and subsequent instalments from their future salaries. A very elaborate and agreeable scheme.

The attractive offer was perceived as a golden opportunity by the unemployed youths. Mastermind Jakir and his team would then collect the necessary documents from the candidates, open accounts in their names, and facilitate the purchase of bikes through a finance company. After completing the purchase process at the showroom, Jakir and his gang would request to take the bike for a test ride under the pretence of checking it out. Trusting the “company representatives,” the candidates would hand over the bike. However, Jakir and his team would never return with the bike, avoiding further contact with the candidates.

Since the bikes were purchased in the candidates’ names, the finance company pursued them for instalment payments. Many victims filed complaints with various police stations in the district. Reports indicate that over the past year, Jakir’s gang defrauded at least 25 youths across the district. This number is of the ones who reported the fraud.

During the investigation, police not only arrested Jakir and his two associates but also recovered three bikes from the residence of another accomplice, Rakib, in the Kanakpur area of Silchar. Another bike was recovered from Sahariya’s house in Majhirgram, Sonai. Although three bikes were found at Rakib’s residence, he managed to evade arrest, fleeing before the police arrived.

Police sources revealed that the scam involved purchasing bikes in the candidates’ names and then selling them in other states. However, the four recovered bikes had not yet been sold, likely due to the ongoing flood situation which hampered immediate transportation. The bikes were hidden at Rakib’s and Sahariya’s houses for later disposal.

Following their arrest, Jakir, Sahariya, and Shahid were presented in court on Monday. With the court’s permission, they have been taken into police custody for three days for further interrogation.

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