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Cachar Police Busts Inter-State Narcotics Racket: Six Arrested, ₹9.5 Crore Worth of Heroin Seized

In a significant crackdown on narcotics smuggling, Cachar Police successfully conducted two special operations today, leading to the apprehension of six individuals and the recovery of heroin worth approximately ₹9.5 crores in the black market. The two separate operations occurred in Ram Prasadpur in Dholai and Banskandi in Lakhipur. The consignment of the drugs originated from Churachandpur in Manipur.

The police seized a total of 150 soap cases suspected to contain heroin, with an estimated weight of 1.9 kilograms. The narcotic substance was sealed inside the soap cases meant for disguise.

The accused individuals have been identified as:
Bintu Singha, 28, from Fulertol, Lakhipur, Cachar.
Rajen Singha, 41, from Lantugram, Dholai.
Ekbar Hussain, 23, from Bhumikpara, Barabakra, Jiribam, Manipur.
Borjohna Hmar, 27, from Bhumikpara, Barabakra, Jiribam, Manipur.
Robert Lalmalsawn, 24, from Lungthulium, Parbung, Pherzawl, Manipur.
Daniel Lalringhet, 26, from Fulertol, Lakhipur, Cachar.

The police also seized a Scooty bearing registration number AS-08-8747 and a Maruti Jimmy car with registration number MZ-01AB-3456 used in the transportation of the narcotics. The consignment is believed to have been illegally transported from Churachandpur, Manipur.

This successful operation marks a significant victory in the ongoing mission of Assam Police’s “War on Drugs” and the battle against drug trafficking in the region. Further investigations are underway to uncover more details and possibly apprehend additional suspects involved in this illegal activity.

Superintendent of Police Cachar was present during the operations and supervised the drug busts.

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