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Cachar's Inspector of Schools, Semina Yasmin Ara Rahman Transferred to Hailakandi; New Appointment Awaited

In a significant administrative overhaul within the Department of School Education, the Government of Assam has announced a series of transfers and appointments affecting the Elementary Education sector across various districts in the state.

The notice issued by the Department delineated a crucial change in leadership, with Semina Yasmin Ara Rahman, AES, the Inspector Of Schools & District Elementary Education Officer of Cachar, being officially reassigned to the corresponding role in Hailakandi.

This reshuffle, touted to serve the interests of public service, marks a notable shift in key educational leadership within Assam. However, the Department has yet to disclose the identity of Semina Yasmin Ara Rahman’s successor in Cachar.

In an exclusive conversation with Barak Bulletin, the Secretary to the Government of Assam, Department of Education, divulged that the forthcoming appointments would soon be announced through an official communication.

Meanwhile, during the transitional period, the Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Education, Cachar, is set to take on the responsibilities of the Inspector of Schools until the new appointment is confirmed.

The transfers and impending appointments in the education sector are anticipated to bring fresh perspectives and strategies, potentially impacting the quality and direction of elementary education in the respective districts. As anticipation mounts for the unveiling of the new Inspector of Schools in Cachar, all eyes remain on the Department’s forthcoming notifications to gauge the future trajectory of educational governance in the region.

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