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Chaos erupts at Karimganj's Gold Cinema Hall as Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan screening interrupted

In a tumultuous turn of events at Karimganj’s Gold Cinema Hall, a screening of Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie “Jawan” took an unexpected and infuriating halt last night, leading to chaos and subsequent police intervention. The Gold Cinema, which had been showcasing the film for several days, saw movie lovers from across the district flock to catch a glimpse of the Bollywood superstar in action.

Minutes into the screening, frustration and anger gripped the audience as the hall’s curtain was abruptly drawn, plunging it into darkness. Initially, the Gold Cinema authorities attributed the interruption to a technical glitch, but as the minutes dragged on without resolution, the crowd’s patience wore thin.

As the exasperated audience grew more restless, some began discarding their food items onto the cinema floor in protest. Seeking answers, a group of people approached the counter, only to find the person in charge had hastily retreated, seemingly overwhelmed by the situation.

With tensions escalating, the local Police was summoned to restore order. Gold Cinema management, faced with the mounting criticism, ultimately decided to refund the ticket prices to the frustrated audience. This incident comes in the wake of a similar technical glitch during the Tuesday night screening of “Jawan.”

The abrupt interruption and ensuing chaos have left movie enthusiasts in Karimganj both disappointed and bewildered, as questions surrounding the cause of these recurring technical issues remain unanswered.

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