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Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma rubbishes lockdown rumours; Urges to join in vaccination drive 

Assam had started reporting below 300 Covid Cases a day before Durga Puja and a week after the celebrations, it rose above 300 again. Yesterday, the number of COVID cases, as shared by the Health Minister of the state, was 139 against 19,713 tests. But day before, when 39,768 samples were tested, the number of positive cases stood at 324. Yesterday, six died in the state while the day before, three were declared dead.

No official from the Health Department blamed Durga Puja celebrations nor did they alarm against an irregular spike in the number of Covid cases. However, Social Media handles across platforms sparked a rumour that Assam is crawling back towards another lockdown. Just as the economy has started to open, the tourists have started to explore, a rumour like this can derail the road to recovery.

Considering the vulnerability, the chief minister of Assam Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma himself decided to rubish the rumours. “NO LOCKDOWN IN ASSAM” he stated in all caps.

The chief minister added, “It has come to my notice that some unscrupulous elements are spreading rumours about re-imposition of lockdown. Such rumours are totally baseless.”

The chief minister instead appealed to unlock their mindsets and take part in the vaccination drive. He tweeted, “I urge everyone NOT to pay heed to such misinformation. Let’s join Govt efforts on mass & 100% vaccination.”

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