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Chief Minister of Assam rules out rumors surrounding MP Rajdeep Roy's absence, "I'm in touch with him," says Sarma

Amid swirling speculations and rumors surrounding the absence of Member of Parliament, Dr. Rajdeep Roy, during the Chief Minister of Assam’s historic visit to Silchar, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has put an end to the conjectures, asserting that he remains in constant contact with the MP.

The Chief Minister’s visit to Barak Valley marked a significant milestone, being his first trip to the region after the implementation of the delimitation process by the President of India. This move led to the proposal by the Election Commission of India to reserve the Silchar MP seat for candidates belonging to the Scheduled Caste (SC) community, effectively barring Dr. Rajdeep Roy from contesting future Lok Sabha elections from the Silchar constituency.

Speculations had been rife, suggesting that the MP’s absence was a deliberate snub in response to the Chief Minister’s role in the delimitation process and the subsequent reservation of the Silchar Lok Sabha constituency.

Today, as the Chief Minister of Assam participated in various events in Silchar, Dr. Rajdeep Roy’s absence further fueled the ongoing rumors. When questioned about this conspicuous absence, Chief Minister Sarma was quick to address the matter and quell any uncertainties.

“I am in constant touch with MP Dr. Rajdeep Roy and called him last night to convey my best wishes to him on his birthday. Unfortunately, his wife is currently battling a serious illness and is receiving medical attention. I am fully aware of the situation and plan to reach out to Dr. Rajdeep Roy again tonight to inquire about his wife’s condition,” Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma stated firmly.

With utmost respect for the privacy and dignity of Dr. Rajdeep Roy’s family, the Chief Minister refrained from disclosing specific details about the illness. The press, in turn, respected this discretion and did not press for further information.

Dr. Sarma’s response clarifies that there is no political discord between the Chief Minister and the MP, dispelling the rumors that had been circulating regarding the MP’s absence during this significant visit.

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