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Childline Rescues Infant Abandoned by Mother at Relative’s Home, Mother Missing

In a distressing incident, a 2.5-month-old infant girl was abandoned at a home in END Colony, Tarapur. The infant was brought to the residence by her mother, Sweety Nath and left in a vacant room before Nath disappeared. The incident came to light when the family, unable to contact Nath, dialled the 1098 Childline helpline for assistance.

Yesterday evening, Sweety Nath came to the residence of Rahul Das in the END Colony. At first, she was casually chatting with Rahul’s family members, later she abandoned her infant girl at their home and disappeared. Since then the family of Das has been trying to reach out to the mother, but to no avail. Helplessly they called the Childline for help.

Debasish Dey, an official from Childline Silchar, detailed the response to the call and said, “We received information about an infant being abandoned. After notifying the Tarapur Out Post and accompanied by police constables from Tarapur Thana, we reached the location. The child will undergo a medical examination and will then be handed over to Nivedita Nari Sangstha (NNS), who will provide care at their child care home.”

Rahul Das, a resident of the home where the infant was abandoned, recounted the events, “Sweety Nath arrived with the child at around 4 PM. After some time, she left the child in a vacant room and disappeared. We attempted to contact her and her husband, Biplob Das, who was in Guwahati. Biplob asked us to hand over the child to his in-laws, but they refused to take the infant and harassed us. Left with no other option, we called Childline.”

Nivedita Nari Sangstha, an NGO dedicated to women and child welfare, has been working in Barak Valley for the past 28 years, providing rehabilitation and foster care. They will now temporarily house the infant.

Regarding the legal aspects, Dey stated, “This case will be presented before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of the district. Both parents will be summoned to appear before the committee, which will make the final decision regarding the child’s welfare”. The outcome now rests with the CWC, ensuring that the best interests of the child are prioritized.

Please note, if you find any abandoned children in the age group 0-18, please call Childline’s toll-free number 1098.

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