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Citizenship Amendment Bill to be tabled in Lok Sabha on December 9

The Citizenship Amendment Bill, which was cleared by union cabinet yesterday, is likely to be tabled in Lok Sabha on Monday i.e. 9th December.

The Business Advisory Committee of the lower House, which met earlier today, has taken the decision to introduce CAB on 9th December. However it will be taken up for passage on the next day i.e. 10th December, sources informed.

Citizenship Amendment Bill which seeks to give citizenship to all non-Muslim immigrants facing persecution in the neighboring Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh has faced stiff opposition from Congress, TMC, CPIM and other parties. The bill has also created a debate, with all national news channels taking it in their prime time debating about its constitutional viability.

On the other hand BJP is very much optimistic and confident about passage of the bill with support from its allies.

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