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Congress Leaders Flout Traffic Rules During Rally in Cachar: "Law And Fines Only For Commoners" Questions Netizen

In a display of shocking disregard for road safety regulations, several prominent Congress leaders were witnessed flouting traffic rules during a massive meeting held in the Sonai area of Cachar District on October 29, 2023. The incident has not only raised questions about the application of the law but has also sparked considerable outrage among the local population who have been facing strict penalties for similar violations.

The gathering, attended by State President APCC, Bhupen Bora, Working President Kamalakhya Dey Purkayastha, Opposition leader Rakibul Hussain, MLA Zakir Hussain Sikdar, AICC General Secretary Prithviraj Sathe, MLA Misbbahul Islam, MLA Nandita Das, former Minister Ajit Singh, Youth Congress President of Assam Zubair Inam, Cachar District Congress President Abhijee Paul, and many others, was marred by the leaders’ cavalier attitude towards traffic laws.

Prior to the meeting, a bike rally was organized by Congress workers, with the route stretching from Sonabarighat to the venue. Rather than leading by example, some of the leaders opted to disregard the law by not wearing helmets. Opposition leader Rakibul Hussain was spotted riding a scooter with Kamalakhya Dey Purkayastha as a pillion passenger. MLA Zakir Hussain Sikdar was also seen riding a motorcycle.

The rally, consisting of approximately 100 two-wheelers, covered a distance of about six kilometers without any headgear, a clear violation of the Motor Vehicle Act. Photographs and videos capturing the event attest to the blatant disregard for road safety rules.

What adds fuel to the fire of public outrage is that while these leaders flaunted the law with apparent impunity, local commuters and ordinary residents across the three districts of Barak Valley have been consistently facing strict enforcement of traffic regulations. Cases have been documented where common citizens were fined for briefly removing their helmets, and pillion riders were heavily penalized for failing to wear headgear.

One netizen shared on Social Media, To, SP & DTO Cachar. Subiect: Violation of Traffic Rules. Frequent practices of your personals are visible along the roads of Silchar town & periphery to detect the violation of traffic rules. But why such rules r not applicable to them ? Because they r leaders ? This photo is evident itself that y’day Rakibul Hussain Kamalakhya Dey Purkayastha Anchar Hussain Barlaskar and others rode the bikes without having any helmet. Besides awakening the Cachar Police that if u ever make attempt to impose fine upon me for minor traffic rules fault/violation,then I will show u this photo.”

The incident has raised pertinent questions about whether the law should apply equally to all citizens, regardless of their social or political standing. The local population, having borne the brunt of strict traffic enforcement, is now demanding accountability and equality before the law. This episode serves as a glaring example of the urgent need for all citizens, irrespective of their position, to adhere to road safety regulations in the interest of public safety and societal well-being.

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