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Corona in Cachar: "More worried than I was in June, July," ADC Sattavan, "Second wave possible," Principal

From spitting on the streets to roaming without the mask, eating outside, coughing without protecting the face, and not following any social distancing norms, Silchar seems to have long forgotten that the world is still in the middle of a pandemic. That is worrying the doctors and the officers in administration.

“We must remember that the pandemic still exists and we cannot relax just yet,” warns,” Dr. Babul Bezbaruah, Principal of Silchar Medical College and Hospital. He adds, “We got our first case about 45 days after Delhi got its first. Now Delhi is witnessing a second wave and the second wave is possible here too.”

Not only Dr. Bezbaruah, ADC Cachar Sumit Sattavan has also expressed his concerns. “I am more worried than I was in June July..,” said Sattavan who has been looking into the COVID situation from the very begining of the outbreak in the district.

He added, “The behavioral change which is desired has not set in, we still have around 150 active cases in the district but somehow the focus of public has moved on.”

On November 24, 2020, 12 individuals had tested positive for COVID19 whereas the figure against a similar number of tests done doubled to 24 on December 7. That is a straight 100% rise. “We have had deaths also recently. Yes, we are in the tropical zone and that happens to be a favorable situation, however, that does not eliminate the threat completely,” said Bezbaruah.

He added, “If individuals are healthy and have good resistance power, they are recovering fast whereas, some people are taking more time.”

Here is a look at the recent trend of COVID positive cases:

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