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DC Barnali Sharma appeals to the business communities to price essential commodities as per government norms

Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, Barnali Sharma held a meeting on Monday at the chamber of Deputy commissioner’s office with Merchant Association, Fishery department along with Food and Civil Supply department officials. Additional Deputy Commissioner A.R Majumder, District development Commissioner Jessica Lalsim, circle officer, Silchar, D.Pathak were also present in the meeting.

In the meeting Sharma took stock of the availability and prices of essential commodities viz onion, potatoes, pulses, mustard oil etc. and appealed the business communities to maintain the wholesale and the retail prices as per government norms. She also suggested that all the fair price shop owners must display the prices of all the commodities in front of their respective shops.

In the meeting, it was informed that beneficiary fish farmers of the District fishery department will display fishes in front of the fishery department for sale and in Fatak Bazar on January 14.  The prices will be fixed throughout the year as per approved by District Administration Cachar.

The rates are given below.

Name of the species

Indian major carps-1kg-150.00
1kg to 1.50kg-200.00
1.50 to 2.50-250.00
Above 2.50kg-300.00.
Exotic carps-1kg-100.00
1kg to 1.50kg-120.00
1.50 kg to 2.50kg-200.00
Above 2.50kg-250.00
1kg to 1.50kg-250.00
1.50 kg to 2.50kg-350.00
Above 2.50kg-500.00
1kg to 1.50kg-250
1.50kg to 2.50kg-350.00
Above 2.50kg-500.00
1kg to 1.50kg -380.00
1.50kg to 2.50kg-450.00
1kg to 1.50kg-150.00
Wallagu attu-200.00/kg
1kg to 1.50kg-250.00
1.50 kg to 2.50kg-350.00
Above 2.50kg-400.00

Details of price of retails of the essential commodities—

Rice common-Rs 26.00 to 29.00/kg
Rice fine-Rs 29 to 34.00/kg
Rice super fine-rs 34 to rs 36/kg
Moosor dal(small)-Rs 95 to 97/kg
Moosor dal(medium)-Rs 75to 79/kg
Moosor dal (big)-Rs 67to 69/kg
Mung dal-Rs 100 to 102/kg
Arhar dal-Rs 76 to 79/kg
Arhar dal special-Rs 91to 93/kg
Urad dal-Rs 100 to 102/kg
Gram dal-Rs 65to 67/kg
Sugar-Rs 44to 45
Atta(loose)-Rs 32.00/kg
Maida-Rs 33.00/kg
Suji-Rs 36.00/kg
Onion(red)-Rs 56 to 59.00/kg
Potato (UP new)-Rs 21to 22/kg
Potato (UP)-Rs 22to 24/kg
Salt(iodised)-Rs 12to 14.00/kg
Mustard oil-general-Rs 99 to 102.00/lit
Mustard oil,(Rani,aneja,scoter)-Rs 106 to 107/lit
Mustard oil, engine-Rs 117to 119.00/lit
Refine oil-Rs 103 to 106/lit
Vanaspati-Rs 80 to 85.00.

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