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"DC madam could have met us" Irked students agitating in front of DC Office

The students who just passed their Class XII administration has been agitating since the last few days. Their point is that Guru Charan College administration had published a merit list (TDC Arts) which had 1017 names in it, but later the administration said the seats are full leaving more than half of 1017 nowhere to go. (To know more about this click here:)

Today they were agitating in front of DC Office in Silchar and wanted to submit a memorandum to deputy commissioner, Laya Madduri. One of the students agitating there said, “We met the ADC, he asked us to submit the memorandum to madam deputy commissioner. When she saw us standing in front of the gate, she turned her vehicle and drove off from the other way out. We felt insulted by her behaviour and at the same time we would like to make it clear that if we are ignored like this the agitation will grow bigger.”

The students also raised the slogan, “Dilip Paul Hai Hai” and accused the administration of letting rackets run under their nose. Another student said. “There are several rackets functioning freely in Barak Valley which dictates the admission procedure. They take the money and secure seats for students with fewer marks and deserving ones stay deprived of education as they cannot afford private colleges. This is happening in all the three government colleges – GC College, Cachar College, Radhamadhab College and we want the administration to uproot these rackets and make the admission process a corruption free one.”

According to the agitating students the ADC said the administration will try and sort this issue out within next 24-48 hours. “We go to GC College the Principal walks away, we come here at the DC office deputy commissioner drives off. Where should we go for justice?” a student summed up.

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