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Disparities at Silchar's 77th Independence Day: Minister's Smooth Ride, Students Struggle Through Mud

Amidst the resplendent celebrations of India’s 77th Independence Day, where the tricolor waves proudly and promises of progress echo in the air, there lies a disheartening reality that demands our immediate attention. As the Prime Minister addressed the nation, outlining our achievements and aspirations, a glaring contrast unfolded at the heart of the festivities in Silchar. The stark disparities between the privileged few and the striving many were laid bare on the very ground where we commemorated our unity and shared identity.

Silchar came alive with fervor on this auspicious day, as private and public entities rejoiced in their own unique ways. However, a glaring disconnect emerged when the district’s formal Independence Day celebration commenced at the Police Parade Ground. Here, under the expansive sky, Minister Parimal Suklabaidya hoisted the National Flag with pride, symbolizing the culmination of the freedom struggle.

For the young minds who look forward to this occasion with boundless excitement, Minister Suklabaidya’s words of promise must have been inspiring. Yet, as the minister addressed them, little did they know that the same ground, which should have served as a platform for unity and celebration, would soon expose the harsh reality of disparity that taints our collective progress.

The march of school students during the Independence Day parade, a cherished tradition, embodies the spirit of our future generations. The grand parade held at the Police Parade Ground witnessed an enthusiastic display of discipline and patriotism. However, as the students stepped forward in perfect unison, they encountered a different kind of march—one impeded by the unforgiving mud slush beneath their feet.

While these spirited young souls struggled to maintain their rhythm and dignity, a sharp contrast emerged. On the very same ground, the Minister’s motorcade glided smoothly, unhindered by any obstacle. The wheels of the motorcade rolled seamlessly on a specially crafted track of CC Blocks, a clear depiction of the contrast in treatment.

The disparity etched on the ground, quite literally, forces us to ponder: Is this the message we want to send to our future leaders? Shouldn’t the celebration of our nation’s unity be a testament to our commitment to equal opportunities and shared progress? The question resonates louder than ever: Could the administration not have extended the same thoughtful provision to those who symbolize the hopes and dreams of our nation—the enthusiastic students? After all, “EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all” is in the preamble to the Constitution of this largest democracy in the world that celebrates 77th Independence Day

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