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Displaced by Deluge: Over 25 Families Living Inside Train Compartments at Silchar Railway Station

People affected by the flood were forced to evacuate their homes and move to secure locations, while some found refuge in relief camps. Meanwhile, the residents of Rail Colony, Silchar, took shelter at the railway station itself. According to reports, as many as 25 families have been living in the railway compartments since the flood began.

It has been a few days since the people of Barak Valley, including Silchar, started to experience the wrath of the flood. However, areas near the riverbanks have faced more severe damage than others. Rail Colony near the Shitala Temple is not far away from the Barak Riverbanks, and as a result, the residents had to relocate as their houses were completely submerged.

Many of these families are workers at the Silchar Railway Station, and in this crisis, they took refuge at their workplace. Reports indicate that 25-30 families have moved to the station area and have been living in the railway compartments. They are cooking on the platform while sleeping inside one of the passenger trains.

The affected families who have been living at the station stated that it has been days since they took shelter there. They are managing somehow but lack an adequate supply of drinking water. So far, none of them have been visited by government officials, nor have they received any government assistance. They are now hoping for the water to recede so they can return to their homes.

The water level of the Barak River was steady throughout the previous night. However, in the morning, it showed signs of receding, then started to rise again, and now it is going down once more. As of 9 pm, the water level was at 21.51 metres, falling by 1 cm per hour.

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