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Doctor alleges SDPO Lakhipur tortured him "on duty"; "Wrongly framed," says Partha Protim Das; Cachar SP initiates probe

Dr. Inadul Hussain Mazumdar, a medical officer under Karupetia BHHC alleged that he was assaulted by a policeman who identified himself as the SDPO Lakhipur. The incident, as described by Mazumdar, took place yesterday at Pailapool Chariali (junction.)  Mazumdar said he suffered Police brutality in the line of his duty as a doctor.

“I was traveling with DC’s permission letter but to no help. After joining as a Medical officer under Kharupetia BPHC, I was traveling back to my home in Silchar via road. After reaching Silchar, I was stopped by a team of policemen at Pailapool Chari-Ali. As part of the police inquiry, with all due cooperation, I stated my case and introduced myself as a doctor on duty, who is traveling with a permission letter from the DC office. To this, I was caught by my collar and pulled out of my car. One of the policemen introduced himself as SDPO and told me what if you’re a doctor, do you know who am I and slapped me. Before I could understand anything from this repose of the police team, a brutal assault had begun with lathis on me and my driver,” writes Inadul Hussain Mazumdar on social media.

He added, “I was also taken to Lakhipur police station and was threatened to be detained under a framed charge of obstructing police from their duty. I was made to verbally apologize before I was released from the police station. As I write this, I am extremely traumatized by the incident. With the physical and mental injuries that I suffered, I am not sure when I will be fit and able to perform my duties as a doctor and contribute to the fight against the COVID pandemic. As I find myself disturbed, weak, and helpless. I am seeking justice with all your help.”

The doctor has also posted an image of his wound and that has gone viral on social media. Various organisations representing the doctors have condemned the incident and called for action.

SDPO Lakhipur, Partha Protim Das, on the other hand, said he is being “Wrongly framed”. Das added, “We were just doing our duty of enforcing the curfew. When we saw a private vehicle with three people inside it, we stopped and asked for an identity card. Firstly, the person driving the car did not even bother to switch off the lights despite requesting. Then when we asked why they were outside during the curfew, the person started behaving rudely. Went on to say, I am doctor how dare you to stop me. When asked for an identity or pass, he could not furnish any document and instead got down of the car and started getting aggressive.”



Dr. Inadul Hussain Mazumdar uploaded an image of the pass on social media, “Yesterday, he did not show that pass. Actually, the permission is for two people, he and his driver. But in the car there were three people while he himself was driving the car. The other two, according to the information we have, are his brothers/cousins. That is why, when he got into an aggressive argument with the Police on duty, he did not show the permission since there were three of them,” added Das.

While Dr. Mazumdar uploaded an image of his wound, SDPO Lakhipur said only when the three of them got aggressive, the security officers stopped them. “There was no charge from our end and the image uploaded on social media is not a result of Police-action,” said Das.

Meanwhile. Dr. Mazumdar has met the superintendent of Police, Cachar – Vaibhav Chandrakant Nimbalkar. Speaking with Barak Bulletin, SP Nimbalkar said, “I have heard two versions of the story. One from the doctor and another version from the officer on duty. I assure an independent inquiry will be done to ascertain the truth. Action will be taken accordingly.”

As the story has two sides with frontline warriors on both ends, only after proper investigation, the actual matter will come to light.

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