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Dr. Juri Sharma takes the first Covishield vaccine in Cachar alongwith 9 others; No adverse affects reported till now

With the rest of the country Cachar too joined the vaccination drive on Saturday after the Prime Minister’s inauguration. ENT specialist Dr. Juri Sharma became the first person to receive the Covishield vaccine in Cachar at Civil Hospital. She was joined in by nine other doctors and nurses who also took the Covishield vaccine with her.

After receiving the shots they were kept under observation for half an hour. Speaking to Barak Bulletin about their experience, they shared “It was all normal and we didn’t experience any adverse symptom or side affects. We took the vaccine as usual like other normal vaccines. However, the cowin app was very slow due to technical difficulties. People are given the vaccine in batches of 10. Till now around 30-35 have been inoculated with the vaccine and no adverse affect has been reported as of now by anyone. Many who registered on the app didn’t come to take the vaccine out of fear but they can take it at a later date if they want.”

Dr. Juri Sharma, Dr. Arijit Paul, Dr. Arpita Deb, Dr. Rohit Singh, Dr. Pawel, Dr. Debsubhra Kundu, Samaresh Chakraborty, Sufala Das, Madhumita Dutta and Namita Devi were the first ones who took the vaccine in Cachar district. After their health checkup, they were sent to the vaccination room. Later they were kept under observation in the observation room for thirty minutes to look out for any possible side affects.

Each benificiary is given a 0.5 ml dose of the Covishield vaccine out of a glass vial containing 5ml of the vaccine. A slot of 10 persons is created at a time and they are given the vaccine one by one with seperate disposable syringes.

Speaking about the vaccination drive, Joint Secretary of the District Health Department Dr. Sudipjyoti Das said “We are urging every health worker to take the vaccine. However this is completely a voluntary process and we are not forcing anyone. After taking the first dose, the benificiaries will be administered the second dose after 28 days. Initially it is being given at only Silchar Medical College and Civil Hospital however the session sites will increase as per goverment guidelines in due course of time. We are giving the covishield vaccine as of now in Cachar. People should still take precautions after getting the vaccine.”

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