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Drugs Inspector of Silchar alleges he was assaulted by doctors in SMCH; "20 of them brutally assaulted me"

In a concerning incident at the Silchar Medical College and Hospital, Bonrai Rongmai, Inspector of Drugs employed in the Department of Drugs Control Administration, Office of the Directorate of Health Services, Assam, alleges that he was brutally assaulted by junior doctors while visiting the hospital for a routine visit. The incident has once again drawn attention to the long-standing issue of alleged misbehavior by medical staff at the facility.

According to Rongmai, he had initially gone to the hospital for a routine visit in his official capacity. After completing his professional obligations, he proceeded to a hospital ward to meet a family member. It was during this visit that he encountered a situation that would escalate into a disturbing incident.

In his own words, Mr. Rongmai stated, “I just asked them to talk politely and then they asked me to follow them. I told them that I work in the Government of Assam as a Drug Inspector. They took me to a room and started brutally assaulting me in a group. I requested them to stop the torture, but they continued, and then the wardrobe fell on me. Yet they continued to assault me, and I was attacked with a sharp object on my forehead.”

Rongmai is undergoing medical treatment, including stitches to his forehead, as a result of the alleged assault. He claims that he can identify those responsible for the attack, primarily junior doctors. “There were around 20 of them and they brutally assaulted me,” added Rongmai.

As the news of this incident spread, questions regarding the behavior of medical staff at the Silchar Medical College and Hospital have resurfaced. The Principal and Superintendent of the hospital were notably unavailable for comment at the time of reporting, leaving the matter to be addressed by local authorities and law enforcement. Police officials have reached the sport to maintain peace and tranquility in the hospital.

To watch the video statement given by the Drug Inspector, Click Here

This incident is not an isolated case. Silchar Medical College and Hospital has faced multiple allegations of misconduct and mistreatment by its staff in the past. Recently, a journalist reported being attacked within the premises of the hospital. Additionally, several attendants have come forward with allegations of being subjected to physical abuse by junior doctors.

Despite these incidents being reported in the press, there has been little observable action taken to address the issue and ensure accountability. Now, with a government employee of Mr. Rongmai’s stature making allegations of assault, there is growing anticipation about whether the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, Mr. Rohan Kumar Jha, will intervene to initiate a comprehensive investigation and corrective action.

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