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Drunk father allegedly kills 4-day-old son after assaulting wife in Cachar; Police initiates investigation

In a deeply distressing incident that unfolded in the Kurkuri Tea Estate of Kalain in Cachar district, a four-day-old infant was discovered dead in his bed, leading to a police investigation.

The tragic episode revolves around Raju Munda, an auto-driver by profession, who returned home in an inebriated state, triggering a violent altercation with his wife. Neighbors intervened to rescue the distressed wife, but when they attempted to retrieve the newborn child, Munda vehemently resisted.

Sources indicate that the family members had initially planned to collect the child later, believing the situation would calm down. However, at 3:00 am, they visited the child’s room and noticed that the infant was sleeping beneath a fan in a deteriorating condition.

Subsequently, the mother promptly reported the matter to the local police station. Law enforcement officials swiftly responded, transporting the child to the hospital, where medical professionals tragically pronounced the infant as brought dead.

A senior officer from the Cachar Police addressed the situation, stating, “We are looking into the matter as it has been brought to our notice. It is too early to declare it a murder. Also, we need to see what is stated in the FIR. The investigation has been launched, the body has been sent for post-mortem as per protocol, and we will take action as per the law.”

The police’s thorough investigation will determine the circumstances surrounding this heart-wrenching incident as the community grapples with the shocking loss of a young life.

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