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"DSA's committee is unconstitutional, illegal" Silchar MLA; "All memberships were canceled following the constitution," Secratary

The tussle behind the screen finally unfolded to the public on Sunday. The current governing council of the District Sports Association is illegal; Dipayan Chakraborty, Silchar MLA, clearly said this. This doesn’t end there; he named Subimal Dhar the secretary of the District Sports Association and didn’t even utter the name of current secretary Bijendra Prasad Singh. On the other hand, after the discussion with protestors went in vain, Bijedra Singh said, “They can’t do anything by power here in DSA.” But the solution doesn’t lie there. The discussion has to be on the table, and things would not function by force.

Dipayan Chakraborty visited the protestors in front of the DSA gate, and he talked with the demonstrators, then with the members of DSA. But Bijendra Singh left as soon as Dipayan Chakraborty arrived. Dipayan raised the question to Babul Hore, “How come twenty clubs and schools have been disqualified from the list? This was being done at a time when the biannual meeting is approaching. Why they were not informed before?” “Our association works according to a constitution; we functioned accordingly,” Babul Hore answered.

“This was very disappointing; public are protesting DSA’s unethical decisions. DSA’s recent body is illegal; they aren’t paying any heed to Assam Olympic Association,” Dipayan Chakraborty said while answering the reporters. Then he made the most significant statement, “I contacted DSA secretary Sithil Dhar before arriving here. He informed me that he is busy in a medical emergency so that he couldn’t come. I have discussed it with DSA president Babul Hore also, but solutions won’t come standing at the street, we have to take it to the table, but they didn’t entertain our demand,” MLA Dipayan Chakraborty said.

Taking a dig at the current committee, MLA said, “We have to rise above self-interest, but the current committee won’t let that happen.”

Dipayan Chakraborty also said that DSA is taking unethical steps, and they can’t let that happen and informed that he had a discussion with the higher authorities regarding the protest. “DSA wants to ruin the sports; they have conspired,” MLA added. “Silchar Byayam Bidyalay have a great stake in DSA. I and Mr. MP represent DSA from this school. But this committee conspired against the school, and they reduced the six votes.” Dipayan Chakraborty further informed.

Dipayan Chakraborty asserted that they strictly want the Assam Olymic Association’s guidelines during the committee selection process. The present government places much focus on sports. CM has ordered that every district would have a stadium. But the DSA is doing corruption yet after that.

Bijendra Prasad Singh, current DSA secretary, said, “Nothing will happen by blocking the gate and applying force. This is not the correct way. The decision has been taken with the consent of all members and that too by maintaining the constitution. If anyone has any problem, they can appeal.”

He added, “Whatever has happened today is unfortunate and unnecessary. I appealed to them that if they have an issue, they can give it in writing and within seven days or even in three days, we will try and resolve it by holding a meeting. They did not listen to any of my appeals as they had come with a plan to execute.”

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