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Dumper truck and Bike Collision Claims the life of one in Sonai, Locals Blockade Road

In a heart-wrenching incident this morning, a dumper truck collided head-on with a bike, resulting in the death of Ranjit Rabidas, the sole breadwinner of his family. The accident occurred in the Ramnagar area of Sonai when an overspeeding truck carrying soil crashed into Rabidas, who died instantly at the scene. Ranjit was on his way to his workplace.

The collision has sparked significant unrest in the local community, leading to a blockade of the main road by enraged residents. According to locals, dumper trucks frequently travel this road at dangerously high speeds, with many being overloaded. The truck involved in today’s fatal accident belongs to DDC Construction Company and was reportedly travelling on the wrong side of the road when it struck Rabidas.

Following the incident, the angered locals attempted to damage the truck and further obstruct the roadway. The situation was brought under control after the intervention of officers from the Sadar and Dholai Police Stations and the Circle Officer of Sonai.

Local authorities have promised to provide compensation to the bereaved family in accordance with government procedures. Rabidas’s body was transported to Silchar Medical College and Hospital for a postmortem examination.

Residents of Ramnagar are demanding a permanent solution to the ongoing issue of reckless driving and overloading by dumper trucks in the area to prevent further tragedies.

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