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Durga Puja to be celebrated in the State cohering to the Covid protocols says CM Sarma

33 days remain for the grandest celebrations of the year for the Bengalis, the Durga Puja and while most have been worrying about the scale of celebrations especially with the experience of last year, the pandemic has brought in new levels of challenge both for the organizers and the government. Good news comes in this case from the Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma who today addressed the media saying, “Durga Puja celebrations will be allowed in the State but by keeping covid appropriate behaviors in mind.”

There has been tension and confusion within the organizers and different vendors and artisans as to how they would go ahead with the planning and execution of their ideas for the forthcoming Sahardiya Utsav while keeping in mind that last year the SOP by the government came in as a shock for many and had some inexplicable restrictions put in place. With the affirmation coming from the CM, there seems to be some amount of relief for the stakeholders as they pull up preparations on the final stage with just a month remaining for the Puja to begin. Though an official SOP is still awaited which will make the picture very clear but the public and organizers are very hopeful that this year around the celebrations will be allowed in its true sense while keeping all covid protocols in place.

Duuga Puja starts on the 11th of October and it is worth mentioning here that The State Health Department has set the target of October 15, 2021, for vaccinating all eligible adults with at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. It remains to be seen how the SOP rolls out and how the celebrations affect the present pandemic situation. We await a final call on this from the side of the government.

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