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Emergency Alert Test Causes Panic Among Mobile Users in Silchar

Silchar experienced a wave of panic and confusion as numerous mobile users received an unexpected emergency alert on their phones this morning. The alert was a result of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) conducting yet another test of its emergency alert system, designed to bolster the nation’s preparedness for disaster management.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) initiated a series of tests for its emergency alert system on July 20, as part of the country’s efforts to implement a new, more robust emergency alert system, under the guidance of the National Disaster Management Authority. Today’s test was an attempt to ensure the system’s efficiency and preparedness for real-life emergency situations.

Mobile phone users in Silchar, as well as other parts of Assam, were startled to receive not one but two emergency alerts on their phones. The message in the alert clearly stated that it was a test message sent through the Cell Broadcasting System, and it was disseminated in both English and regional languages to ensure maximum outreach.

The State Government had taken proactive measures by issuing an advisory to its citizens, notifying them that these emergency alert tests would be conducted across the state today, on October 30, 2023. This advisory was meant to inform the public in advance about the scheduled tests, reassuring them that the government and its agencies were working diligently to enhance disaster preparedness and public safety.

Panic Among Residents
The unexpected emergency alerts stirred panic and confusion among the residents of Silchar. Many people received the test message repeatedly, and some reported getting it as many as three times within a span of just 10 minutes. The repetitive nature of the alerts led to heightened concerns among the public, who were unsure whether it was a genuine emergency or just another test.

Some residents expressed their apprehension regarding the frequency of these tests, with one person interviewed by Barak Bulletin stating, “Receiving the alert multiple times in a short span was terrifying. I had no idea if it was an actual emergency or just a test. It felt like the whole city was in a state of chaos for a moment.”

It is essential to emphasise that there is absolutely no need for panic or undue concern regarding the recent emergency alert tests conducted by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). These tests have been ongoing since July of this year with a clear purpose: to ensure that the alert system is fully operational and capable of reaching people in the event of a real emergency.
The primary goal of these tests is to identify any areas where the system may need improvement to guarantee its effectiveness during critical times. The DoT and NDMA are dedicated to refining and enhancing the emergency alert system so that it can serve as a reliable lifeline to the public during disasters and emergencies.
It is important to remember that these tests are a testament to the government’s commitment to your safety and well-being. By participating in these tests and cooperating with the authorities, we can collectively contribute to making our communities more resilient and better prepared for any unforeseen events. The reassurance and resilience of our community is of paramount importance.

Let us all stay informed, stay united, and look forward to a safer and more secure future, thanks to the continuous efforts of the DoT and NDMA in ensuring a robust and efficient emergency alert system for all.

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