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FIR against topper Tanim's parents; Dowry demand forced separation, alleges father

APSC 2018 merit list topper Maria Tanim’s father retired BDO Kutubuddin Barbhuiya filed an FIR day before yesterday (December 27, 2018) accusing South Karimganj MLA Aziz Ahmed Khan and his brother Azad Khan. Barbhuiya accused both MLA and his brother of attempt to murder, kidnapping and other heinous crimes.

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Yesterday, AIUDF MLA’s brother Azad Khan lodged an FIR to counter accusations with counter-accusations. In his FIR against Maria Tanim’s parents Khan accused Barbhuiya and his wife of forcefully taking away Maria and disturbing his married life. Khan also accused Kutubuddin of threatening him, “I went to meet my wife but Kutubuddin did not allow me to see her. Instead, he accompanied by hired goondas (goons) armed with deadly weapons threatened to kill me,” wrote Khan in his FIR.

Maria was married to Khan on May 27, 2012 and as per Khan’s FIR both of them lived together in his residence in Guwahati. But in 2017, Maria’s mother told Khan that she is taking Maria to their place in Lala for a few days and Khan’s allegation is that they forcefully stopped her from returning to her matrimonial home since then.

However, Kutubuddin in his FIR mentioned that Khan and his family started demanding for ‘dowry’ due to which she was forced to leave her matrimonial home.

Between the allegations and counter allegations, the to be ACS officer and APSC topper is now becoming the rope of a legal tug-of-war. The way it is shaping up, it does not look like a reel that would see its climax anytime soon.

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