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Flood: Retired Assam Police SI Drowns in Overflowing Jatinga River, Third Such Incident in Cachar

In a tragic incident, retired Assam police officer Tarinimohan Das, aged 64, drowned while bathing in flood waters near his home in Borkhola’s Dolu Kalinagar Part I on Sunday morning. Das, a resident of the area, reportedly went to bathe in the flood waters of the overflowing Jatinga River near his home, when the incident occurred.

Local authorities were immediately notified, and after a vigorous search operation his deadbody was found on Sunday. Police personnel from Borkhola Police Station, along with the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), actively searched for the missing retired Sub-Inspector of Police.

The emergency team after a long operation discovered the dead body from the turbulent river waters. This marks the third such death in Cachar due to drowning in the recent floods, highlighting the severe risks posed by the rising waters.

The disappearance of Tarinimohan Das has cast a pall over the community, with neighbours and fellow residents anxiously awaiting news of his whereabouts.

The flood waters in the region have been particularly treacherous, and residents have been advised to exercise extreme caution. Local authorities are urging everyone to avoid unnecessary risks and to stay safe.

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