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Fraud in Silchar LIC; Miscreant took a loan of Rs 8 lakh+ after forging policy documents

There are miscreants actively looting senior citizens in Silchar. They snatch cash, they con retired employees to give away the OTP and there are many other ways that the miscreants take.

Today, a businessman Manish Kumat is running from bank to police station as he has got to know about a new scam. On March 24, 2021, he was served a legal notice by the Corporation Bank of India. The notice stated that Manish Kumat’s father Jawhar Lal Kumat needs to pay Rs 8,14,423 to the bank.

According to the legal notice accessed by Barak Bulletin, Jawhar Lal Kumar was the guarantor for Chandrapur, Bhagatpur resident Bappa Das.

“After getting the notice I called up the lawyer. He suggested me to go to the bank and figure out the details,” said Manish Kumat. To his dismay, the bank handed over certain papers related to the loan. “While the original policy is at my home, someone made a duplicate one, forged the signature of my father, got it assigned by the branch manager at LIC and got the loan sanctioned,” said Manish Kumat.

According to the documents provided by the bank, the loan was sanctioned in 2013. Manish Kumat’s father 61-year-old Jawhar Lal Kumat is signed as the guarantor for Bappa Das. LIC policy has been kept as a guarantee.

“My father does not have any clue about Bappa Das. He is a heart patient and is in shock,” informed Manish Kumat. He went to the LIC office and asked about the issue. They saw that there is no loan assigned against the original policy number. “The officials at the LIC office agreed that it is a case of forgery?” Informed Kumat.

What is keeping him awake at night is the worry that the miscreant might have got more loan sanctioned from other banks. As KYC documents, Bappa Das provided driving licence of Jawhar Lal Kumat. But, image in the provided driving license does not match that of actual Jawhar Lal Kumat. The miscreant knew that Kumat signs in Hindi, but the forged signature was different from his original signature. Moreover, not a single employee from the bank or LIC visited Kumat’s residence to verify the address.

However, the policy number was correct, therefore, it is clear that someone from inside LIC helped Das to get access to Kumat’s documents. Also, LIC cleared the application and assigned Jawhar Lal Kumat’s policy as a guarantor. Now how did the branch manager clear that application where the documents don’t even match that of Kumat.

Manish Kumat has filed an FIR at Silchar Sadar Police station and is now demanding for an investigation.

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