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From Solving Crimes to Doodling Online: Tecnoesis School Genius by NIT Silchar is All About Fun!

The National Institute of Technology Silchar is gearing up for Tecnoesis 2024, its annual technical fest, taking place from February 1st to February 4th. Among the myriad events, one that stands out is “School Genius,” a two-day extravaganza designed for local school students in Silchar ranging from class 6 to 12.

The event boasts an impressive array of competitions, catering to various talents and interests in Online and Offline Mode. From the suspenseful “Crime Scene Investigation” to the exhilarating “Just Doodle It,” participants are in for an adventure. The “Picture Perception” event encourages students to unleash their creativity, providing a platform for the imaginative to shine.

Offline Events

•Crime Scene Investigation
•Xtreme Typing
•Picture Perception
•Spell Bee
•Maths Pi-Rate
•Talent hunt
•Arcade Showdown
•Pitch Perfect
•Robotics Workshop

Online Events

•Shutterworld 7.0
•Just Doodle It

For those unable to attend physically, Tecnoesis introduces engaging online events such as “Shutterworld 7.0” for photography enthusiasts and “Just Doodle It” for the artistic daydreamers. The photography competition themes include Abstract Photography, Street Photography, and Travel Photography, challenging participants to capture the essence of these genres.

The School Genius event unfolds on February 3rd and 4th, 2024, promising a packed schedule. From registration at 7 AM to the closing ceremony and prize distribution at 5 PM on the second day, participants are immersed in a whirlwind of activities. The schedule includes prelims and mains for various competitions, ensuring a fair chance for all participants to showcase their skills.

Photography enthusiasts are encouraged to submit entries for the competition with themes like Abstract Photography, Street Photography, and Travel Photography. On the other hand, the “Just Doodle It” competition allows participants the freedom to express their creativity without specific themes.

The event culminates in a grand closing ceremony on February 4th, where winners from various competitions will be awarded. With over a decade of history, School Genius continues to be a platform for budding talents to shine, fostering a spirit of innovation and creativity among the local youth.

For further inquiries about Tecnoesis 2024, contact module heads Shyantani Choudhury (8134977903) and Somadrita Haldar (86382 29150).

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