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Frost in Haflong should not be confused with snowfall say, experts; "Explorers are welcome," official

Beautiful images of Thuruk village have taken social media by storm. Thuruk is located in Dima Hasao, Assam, and shares its borders with neighbouring state Meghalaya. 110 kilometers away from Haflong, (13kms from Harangajao on foot) the village had turned white recently. 

It has been widely circulated as “Snowfall” and that attracted the attention of tourists across the state and especially Barak Valley. However, experts have confirmed that this is not snowfall, and Officer in the forest department, NC Hills, Tuhin Langthasa stated, “There is no snowfall, frost in Haflong should not be confused with snowfall.”

Langthasa added, “This frost is witnessed every year. The temperature here is around six-degree Celsius and this is not a condition where you experience snowfall.”

Parthankar Choudhury, professor, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science at Assam University explained the difference between frost and snowfall. “The basic difference is that for snowfall to occur the temperature must drop below zero degree. While frost starts when the temperature reaches 9-degree Celsius or around, we technically call that dew point,” said Choudhury. 

He added that the frost formation begins when the dew point is achieved and is visible across the state. “What happens is the droplets that we see on top of cars, on leaves and other surfaces located near the ground level solidifies and looks like snow. That is what we recognise as frost,” asserted professor Choudhury. 

About snowfall, he said, “Snowfall starts only when the temperature goes below zero degrees. The dust particles in the air get surrounded by snow and as the weight increases due to gravity, it falls to the ground. The lower the temperature the bigger the snowballs that fall.”

Even though it is frost and not snowfall, once it gets condensed on leaves and trees, it looks beautiful. Even in Meghalaya, tourists visit from across the country to enjoy the view of frost. About tourism in Haflong, officials of the department said, “Explorers are welcome.” However, the officer added, “The location where frost has been witnessed is a remote location and it is difficult to reach there. It is not impossible. Also, it depends on luck as well, frost is not visible every day.

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