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Gross irregularities reported from Banskandi Agriculture Department

Another sign of alleged corruption, negligence and deprivation of farmers by the agriculture department in Banskandi has come to light. After hearing about the alleged corruption in the construction of a building of Agriculture Department, Lakhipur MLA Kaushik Rai visited the site and witnessed gross irregularities. At the same time, he gave strict orders to demolish the entire wall of the newly constructed building and rebuild it. As a result, the construction work of the wall has again started after demolishing it.

The agriculture department has gone completely bankrupt due to some of the employees. Especially the employees working in the Banskandi Agriculture Department are enough to bring a bad name to the Agriculture Department in the state. This time, signs of extreme negligence and carelessness have been reported regarding seeds of rabi crop. There is a branch office and godown of the Agriculture Department in Banskandi block development office premises. From here the gram sevaks distribute agricultural materials, seeds, fertilizers etc.

On Monday, locals witnessed that a few quintals of rabi crop seeds were hidden behind the godown of the agriculture department. The seeds were wasted without distributing them to the farmers on time. The discarded seeds included Rajma, Faras, Kolai, Mokoi, Mustard as well as many other types of seeds.

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