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Headmaster of Asimia Senior Madrassa escapes from jail; was arrested for mishandling Govt. funds

Headmaster of Asimia Senior Madrassa (High School), Karul Islam was arrested by Patherkandi Police. An FIR was lodged by the Inspector Of Schools against Headmaster Fakrul Islam based on which, he was arrested on Monday. Later, he was transfered to Karimganj Sadar Police Station. However, the headmaster has managed to run away from the Sadar Police Station. As per available information, senior Police officials from the district headquarters have reached the Sadar Police Station to look into the matter.

The Asimia High School has six students enrolled to it. But Headmaster Fakrul Islam showed enrollment of 25 students and got books and mid-day meal funds sanctioned for 25 pupils. The matter was brought to the light of Inspector Of Schools. The Inspector of Schools then asked the ADC Karimganj to carry out a probe. The ADC’s enquiry report found clear evidence of misappropriation of Government funds, mishandling of Government properties.

After analysing the report and scrutinising the anomalies, Inspector of Schools move to the Patherkandi Police Station with the FIR.

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