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Here are the guidelines of Online TDC final year examinations

The Assam University examination department has issued a notice stating that the offline TDC (Non-CBCS) sixth-semester examination shall commence from September 29.

The notice further stated that the students willing to appear the said examination online more will have to follow certain modalities.

The rules to appear for examination online include-

1(a). The students who have submitted the exam form and found eligible shall submit their details (Name, Roll Number, Subject indicating paper, whatsApp number, email id to the respective college with a prescribed undertaking provided by the university on or before 20-09-2020.  The college shall submit details of such students to the university on or before 22-09-2020.

(b) The student(s) desirous to appear for the online examination should ensure that they will arrange measured gadgets (computer, tab/ mobile etc), internet connectivity, power supply etc. on their own. Those (both online & offline) candidates who will appear the same will not get a special chance to appear the same when the situation will be normal.

(c) Non submission of online answer script after completion of examination within stipulated time will be fronted as absent.

(d) Online students cannot switch over to offline mode and vice-versa.

(e) There will be no re-evaluation for online students.

2. The online examination shall be conducted by the college on GOOGLE MEET (A video conversation platform). The question paper will be given in the Google docs room/ mail. Students will take a print / screen shot of the question paper which may be used: write the questions he/she intends to answer and then join in the Google meet. Answer sheets will be submitted in Google Class Room as per the schedule of the offline examination at the same time. However, it will be invigilated by one faculty of the college on camera who will authenticate the downloaded hard copy. This will also be countersigned by the Officer-in-Charge / Principal of the college. The authenticated downloaded hard copy shall be sent to the concerned evaluation zone by the college on the same day of examination together with the answer script of offline examination whereever available. Google meet link and class room ID should be given to the examination section in for each examination. There is a chat box for doubt in question if any. The camera should be ON and mic should be OFF for the entire time period.

3. The students appearing online examination shall be given extra time for preparation as under:

(a) 10 minutes before commencement of examination for downloading question paper.

(b) 20 minutes after completion of examination for uploading the answer script. Snaps/ scanned pdf uploaded materials should be readable.

(c) The students are to write Roll, No, subject & paper on every sheet of paper of the answer script which should of A-4 paper. Answer should be hand written. However, practical examinations will be offline.

(d) Online attendance should be taken by the invigilator and send along with the answer script.

4. On the day of the examination soft copy of the question paper shall be provided to the Principal of the college for circulation amongst the online examinees.

5. The concerned college shall conduct the online examination with the existing/available infrastructure in the college. University will not provide any gadgets, Internet connectivity etc.

6. Detail instruction to the colleges about conduct online examination will be issued later on.

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